DollHouse Episode 5: Not even worth writing a full post

-We get to meet the senator that keeps Dollhouse under the radar. He’s gotta be a smooth dude considering all the logistics that he’s managed to conceal from whatever senate sub committee he answers to.

-Funny exchange:

FBI LADY: Then you know that I have plenty of faces to scan for people much more impressive than you.

HELO: But not as charming.

FBI LADY: Was that supposed to be flirting?

HELO: I think so, it’s been awhile. Did I mention I was shot?

-So they blind Echo temporarily; and implant a camera in head or something. Wow that’s stupid. Seriously. Topher says something douchy, like he does. Next they send her to join this cult that senator asked them to infiltrate. Blind jokes and biblical references ensue. At least I like biblical references because I get most of them.

-Harry J. Lennix is a private contractor; who sells being a bad-ass.

-12 minutes before the opening credits. Could we get rid of those please? Really depressing.

-So the FBI face finder says she’s got no hits.

-Apparently Victor (Troika Gangster) gets an erection, and Topher acts like he’s in middle school, and apparently in the doll state they have no hormones. Which makes no sense. Dr. Sexy Scars says they have to watch all the security tapes to check for more erections. Ha-Ha Topher. Later on Olivia Williams orders him scrubbed and closely monitored. This is a HUGE mistake. Any organization that devotes any time to preventing consensual sex is wasting time and money, but whatever.

-Helo sees Dushku on T.V. So close! Heads down to Arizona, where the ATF agent in charge makes following the rules look like an evil thing to do.

-“God has message for you and it’s MOVE YOUR ASS!!”

-Then one of the cultists spits in Dushku’s face for ruining his faith. So she clocks him hard. Someone else rescues him, but I think she was just gonna leave him for being a punk. She also gets smacked around a lot.

-Icy British ladies are the hotness.

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