All These Worries

I've been staying in a military barracks since early January.

Everyone there, including me, is an activated reservist. We are all far away from one life and getting into the swing of another.

Lives are funny. You can't just leave. People are on their cell phones into the night, in the cold, checking up on their old lives.

Sincere worry breathing moisture into the air: "When does he start chemo?"

Half joking concern: "If my son has no manners when I get back, you are out of my house."

Resignation: "Just sell my car, you keep yours. We'll deal with the rest when I get back."

And I have no real worries like that.

I think my once concern is becoming a friendly ghost. The internet lets you "stay in touch." You can like things, you can respond to posts. You can write on walls. But you are not there.

It's a funny thing.

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