Why It Might Be Okay if Finn is a Calrissian If They Do It Right

(Disclosure: Spoilers will be discussed in great detail and/or at length)

A mild controversy swirled across my social media portals a few days ago when it was suggested Finn from Star Wars: The Force Awakens may be a Calrissian. This was coupled with wild speculation as to the origins of Rey, a character of such focus and capability that she was accused of being a Mary Sue, an easily refuted point, to be sure.

Now, the most obvious issue to come up was that it's kinda racist to say that because a character is "black" they must be related to the only one of the only other black characters in the fictional Universe. This is true in the real world; it's beyond ignorant to assume that everyone who looks remotely similar is related.

I mean, no family resemblance, except
looking damned good with draped clothing
But when we think about Star Wars as a concept and coherent universe? With a massive family narrative about legacy and its impact on a galactic level? Finn should be a Calrissian, and there are quite a few reasons why.

First of all, if we consider all seven movies as a coherent timeline, Episodes I-III are more or less the Star Wars galaxy timelines pre-World War I era. An age of prosperity, but more importantly, complacency, sets the stage for a massive conflict that would drastically alter the political landscape of the galaxy if not the local group of galaxies.

Then, we have our World War I, Episodes IV-VI. For many members of galactic society? This would be the conflict where they would have to pick a side, after so many people complacently let the galaxy slide into a totalitarian regime. Attempts to stay neutral, such as Solo and Calrissian attempted to do for as long a possible, are a fools errand.

If the way Lando Calrissian basically had his entire business confiscated by Darth Vader under some sort Imperial eminent domain or civil forfeiture is any indicator, the Empire's legal and military reach is well beyond anything reasonable. Calrissian's  utilitarian decisions to trade Han Solo to secure the jobs and lives of everyone on his gas mining station could not have been easy. However, when Vader constantly changed his terms with Calrissian, the gambler turned entrepreneur realized the mistake he made, and decided at least initially, to undermine Vader's immediate plans.

Now,  Cloud City's population is estimated in the millions, and all those people had to be evacuated the station and just go where? Do what? Every person in that station gives us a variable for at least becoming a Rebel or an Imperial. Out of a sense of duty or revenge or both, Calrissian threw in with the Rebellion and eventually became one of the most obvious heroes of the rebellion.

Thus, the name Calrissian joins the Solos, the Skywalkers, the Antilles, the Ackbars and quite a few others among the famous names of a fledgling government.

Already uses a different kind of elegant weapon from
a more civilized age. 
However, the head was merely cut off the Empire, and countless resources, commanders and formations are scattered throughout the galaxy. In the context of Episode VII? The First Order is the Nazi Germany incarnation of the Empire. They are nastier, uglier and do not negotiate with their enemies.

The Starkiller base, as a deterrent weapon, would have been incredible. One demonstration on a lesser solar system would have made the point, but that's not how the First Order works. Their goal is annihilation of all who have, do or would oppose them.

But The First Orders isn't merely brutal, there are also doubley sinister in their strategy. Those famous names? The Skywalkers? The Solos? The Calrissians? Their children are targets.

First, Benjamin Solo turns to the Dark Side. Then? Lando and his wife's bouncing baby boy disappears. Someone, someone where, is trying to destroy the enemy before they are even old enough to know they are an enemy.

Whoever Rey's parents were, they knew that a Solo and then a Calrissian disappearing was in no way a coincidence. The Galaxy is entirely too big. Not knowing exactly who or where the danger would come from, they had to spirit her away and hope that the less than reputable Unkar Plutt would, for whatever money or promise they could give, mind their daughter long enough for them to either secure a definitive victory or die trying.
Oh look, a fucking asshole and his asshole friends
and his asshole army and his asshole weapon.