Resistance 2: Let's Resist Again, Like We Did Last Summer

The year is 1951 and Humanity is getting an ass-kicking from beyond the stars by a race of leather pants wearing humanoids called Chimera.

Generally, they are very slimy.

You take on the role of Nathan Hale, the only survivor of America's push into England against the Chimera. Hale is a generically handsome Bruce Willis look alike with a dash of grizzled and a touch of glam rock. Hale only survived the first attack due a fluke in his genes that allows him to harness a disease that has turned most everyone else into the alien nemesis. Turns out, Hale isn't alone either, as several other stereo-types from throughout the armed forces have the same genetic trait including the Mini-Gun Toting Italian From Philly, The Smooth Voiced Black Sniper From Baltimore and The Stocky Rifleman from South Bend.

The game gets off the cracker-jack start with the skies of San Francisco filled with alien fleet bearing down upon earth with near biblical might. After nearly being eaten by a Kraken at the end of the first level, one can imagine this game is gunning for Gears Of War in terms of enemy size.

However, there was something about the way the missions are structured that makes me think the chain of command of the opposing force is just making it up as they go along. Because the next few skirmishes take place in downtown Twin Falls, Idaho. After that, you duel the beasts in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Naturally, in an intergalactic war a foot hold on the planet is a step in the right direction, but you would think they would be targeting more metropolitan areas.

The entire time an alien virus that appears to be turning you into David Bowie figures into the plot a little bit. It's supposed to this life altering bio-phage aggressive gene therapy thing, and it makes you look like you're wearing lipstick.

That happens a lot. It's really like watching a film where the budget ran out nine tenths through filming, and while the game is well paced these budget cuts can be a little distracting.

DIRECTOR:"How will we make this monster?"

EFFECTS MAN:"Aw, shit we have like six bucks left. Make it out of triangles and silly string!"

DIRECTOR:"We need this guy to look like Alien."

EFFECTS MAN:"Aliens wear purple lipstick. Thank god the catering girl had some, as we are wayyyyy over budget."

Overall Resistance 2 is solid game play and story telling, and the multi-player mode where you co-op to complete objectives and gain experience is a little bit fresh, but this game is more of rental than a buy.

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